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Ethical Management

Faithfully upholding ethical management principles, Seil Forging strengthens its competitiveness and fulfills its social responsibilities.

Ethical Management Practice Principle

Pursue transparent management and ethical management to create value for the customers as a reliable partner for various stakeholders.

Suggestion Box

To actively hear out the inquiries, opinions and complaints of all the stakeholders including the executives and employees and, to incorporate them in protecting human rights, improving the work environment, preventing violations of laws and the code of conduct and improving stakeholder satisfaction, Seil Forging operates a reporting channel. This reporting channel is used to accept, solve and respond to the above mentioned inquiries, opinions and complaints, as quickly as we could.

Matters to Be Reported

  • 1 ) Violations of laws and the code of conduct
  • 2 ) Corruption
  • 3 ) Human rights violations and workplace bullying
  • 4 ) Trade-related complaints and unfair trade practices
  • 5 ) Grievances
  • 6 ) Other regulatory violations and wrongful behaviors

  • Seil Froging Co,.LTD
  • Representative : Kom Su-gwon
  • Corporate Registration Number : 613-81-19833
  • TEL : 055-754-0556
  • FAX : 055-754-0554
  • 86, Dongbu-ro 1259beon-gil, Jinseong-myeon, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
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