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Human Rights Management

The fundamental goal is to ensure and respect human dignity, freedom and happiness.

Human Rights Policy

  • Provision of Fair Compensation and Opportunities


    All persons are entitled to freedom and their rights in all political, economic, social and cultural areas of life without discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, sex, language, ethnicity, disability, political opinion, social origin, educational background and age.

  • Provision of Fair Compensation and Opportunities

    Provision of Fair Compensation and Opportunities

    The Company shall provide fair working conditions, fair compensation based on persons’ performance and capabilities and, opportunities for self-development.

  • Freedom of Assembly and Association

    Freedom of Assembly and Association

    Employees have the right to freedom of assembly and association without the threat of retaliation or intimidation.

  • Safe Work Environment

    Safe Work Environment

    Employees have the right to work in a safe, healthy and pleasant environment.

  • Protection of Privacy

    Protection of Privacy

    Employees’ privacy including their personal information, family, home and communications must not be interfered by others.

  • Compliance with Working Conditions

    Compliance with Working Conditions

    The Company shall comply with working conditions relating to working hours, days off and holidays in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

    Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

    The Company shall comply with appliable laws and regulations on minimum working age and shall not physically or mentally confine the executives and employees through slavery or human trafficking or force labor against their will.

  • Fair Trade

    Fair Trade

    The Company shall recognize subcontractors as partners on an equal footing and shall not abuse it status against them. Also, the Company shall make sure human rights are protected and promoted by subcontractors as well.

  • Contribution to Local Communities]

    Contribution to Local Communities]

    The Company shall recognize its responsibilities towards local communities’ growth and actively make investments towards developing the local communities.

  • Information Transparency

    Information Transparency

    The Company shall timely provide the shareholders and investors the information they need and, maintain accuracy in its accounting records to secure information transparency.

  • Protection of Customer Information

    Protection of Customer Information

    The Company shall recognize customer information as valuable and important assets, shall only request the customers for the minimum amount of information and, take technological and physical measures to protect customer information.

Safety and Health Management

In order to provide a safe work environment, Seil Forging has set up a safety and health management system and is constantly striving to improve the system.

Safety and Health Policy

  • Employees’ Safety First
  • Zero Serious Accidents,
  • Safety and Health Management System

Safety and Healthy Management Objectives

  • Remove hazardous risk factors by reinforcing risk assessments
  • Report safety and health management performance based on the plans and comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Prevent human errors by reinforcing safety training
  • Prevent accidents by supporting and managing safety management performance and practices of subcontractors

Contribution to Local Communities

  • To grow together with local communities, Seil Forging makes donations to nursing homes and carries out community cleaning events every year.

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